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There is no better way to transform a space and truly make it your own than with customized cushions and pillows. If you’re looking to add a bit of your personality to a room, Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors can help you select the perfect cushions and pillows that are right for you.

At Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors, we work closely with you to find the colors and patterns that fit your style. I always put your needs first so that we can provide you with high quality customized cushions and pillows that deliver value and stay within budget.  Together, we’ll cover color, pattern, and sizing options in order to find the pillows and cushions that are right for you. I work with an array of suppliers to give you a nearly endless selection of designs, and are proud to offer a variety of cushion types, making it easy to find a match a variety of arms, chair backs, and benches.

With Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors, you’ll find all kinds of cushions and pillows from sofa cushions to dining room chair cushions, and even throw pillows for couches or beds. Additionally, I can help you find the ideal pillows and cushions for outdoor use.

Why Choose Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors for Custom Cushions & Pillows:

  • You’ll receive a complimentary consultation with a professional interior designer.
  • You’ll have a variety of design options to choose from in the comfort of your own home.
  • You’ll get a professional opinion from an interior designer who will help pair looks that match your taste, your lifestyle, and your budget.
  • You won’t have to lift a finger. All of the logistics of your project, including ordering and delivery, will be taken care of.

Add the finishing touches to your home decor! Contact Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors today at (281) 719-0741 to schedule an in-home custom cushion and pillow consultation.

Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors is proud to serve Cypress, Fairfield and Copperfield.

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