The following testimonials are from just some of my clients:

We enjoyed working with Carrie to renovate our Community Lodge. Carrie was responsive, professional and patient with the many demands being made of her. It was a big job and included paint selections, lighting, flooring, drapes and furniture. We are very pleased and proud of the finished product. Thank you Carrie for all you did to make this happen. I recommend you to anyone who is looking to redecorate their home or facility.

– Claire

Thank you so much for the work you did. The lodge looks great, and we could not have done it without you. It was a pleasure working with you.

– Mike

I have worked with Carrie for about 5 years and 2 homes. She worked within my budget(s) and I have been pleased with the results every time. (Curtains, artwork, rugs and more) When we were in the process of selling our first home, the buyers wanted ALL the patio furniture and accessories that Carrie decorated.

– Kaycee

WOW…what a great experience! Carrie is the BEST! I finally love my new home! I recall Carrie saying, “I have some great pieces for you, I see your style.” OH BOY was she right! From the window treatments to the rugs on the floor – I love it all!

– Shan

Carrie was a joy to work with! She decorated our home office exactly the way we wanted it. I was very impressed with her professionalism, friendliness, and creativity!

– Luna Brand Management

I am extremely pleased with Carrie’s professionalism and energy! The expertise she brought into my home’s décor truly made it finally feel like “home”. I highly recommend her not just for her experience in interior design, but because she’s a joy to work with and a true consultant in her field.

– Christina

I wouldn’t change a thing! Thanks again for making our room such a lovely space to be in!

 – Stacy

Carrie is always full of ideas, and her selections remain under budget. I know she will make this our dream home!

– Tricia

I love all you did. Several friends asked me for your contact information.

– Jamie

After our initial consultation with Carrie and taking a very uncomfortable plunge ordering without seeing everything and waiting weeks wondering if I’d like the rug, the couch, the curtains…all the while Carrie reassuring me, I’ll love it. Well…she was right. She saw our vision, took me out of my comfort zone(all Browns) and made a fabulous room for our home! I can’t say enough good things- Carrie was a pleasure to work with, very professional but relaxed, and had a way of talking me off the ledge…so to speak…to get me out of a boring color scheme and adopt something wonderful instead! I love our living room..every accessory, the drapes, the couch, the rug…everything!

– Cheryl


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