Using Artwork in Your Home

The artwork you choose says a lot about your personality and personal style. Whether it’s an abstract painting or sculpture, a black and white photo or collection of vases, there are numerous ways to incorporate artwork into your home. Though art is open to interpretation, there are some general tips you can follow when you are ready to display your art.

  • If you are hanging one piece of art on a wall, the center of the piece should be at eye level.
  • The bottom of anything hung on the wall should start 4-12 above the piece of furniture it’s hanging over.
  • You don’t have to hang artwork; it can lean against the wall when placed on a shelf or mantle.
  • Learn what emotions certain colors evoke so that you can make sure you are setting the right tone in the room.
  • You can pull colors from your artwork to use throughout the room (walls, throw pillows, area rugs, etc.) Stick to one or two.
  • Proportions matter if your artwork is the focal point. Take measurements – a piece that’s too small can get lost and a piece that’s too big can be overwhelming.
  • If you want to create a gallery wall, plan it out on the floor in advance. You want to make sure the spacing is correct and that everything looks put together.
  • For grid displays, make sure the frames are all the same size and the spacing between each is equal.
  • For rotating galleries, you can swap pieces out on the wall or line up different sized elements along a long shelf.
  • Make sure there is visual balance in a gallery wall. Larger and heavier items should always be at the bottom.
  • When displaying multiple objects, it’s best to use odd numbers.

Artwork shouldn’t be an afterthought. The right pieces pull a room together and make it feel complete. You can design an entire room around one piece of artwork.

If you are not sure where to begin, contact Carrie Davies – Decorating Den Interiors today. We can help you arrange your artwork and design the home of your dreams.

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